Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to tune in?

The great news is all major media players can support AAC streams! Simply click here to open the TuneIn Radio app or home page, and the stream should begin playing automatically. If you need help, please contact us.

How fast should my Internet connection be?

You must have a high-speed Internet connection (Cable, DSL or better) in order to listen without interruptions. Most modern computers and mobile devices (see below) have the necessary specifications to run an audio stream.

Can I make a request or skip the current song?

Just like the stations it pays tribute to, CoolJamz Radio is a live feed, so while you can't skip tracks like on-demand stations, you're welcome to request a song to be added to an upcoming playlist, and the next available DJ will play it as soon as possible!

Can I listen on my mobile device or car radio?

We broadcast a terrestrial signal on AM 1650 kHz in the deep southeast quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. If you live outside of the listening area, consult the user guides for your phone and car stereo for mobile listening solutions.

Does CoolJamz Radio play uncensored music?

We have made a diligent effort to keep the majority of the music ‘radio clean.’ However, the subject matter of some of some of the music will contain adult themes, and as such, CoolJamz Radio is targeted PRIMARILY to an adult audience. For younger or more sensitive listeners, listening discretion is strongly advised! We recommend listening for ages 16 and older.

Can I advertise on CoolJamz Radio?

At this time, all station costs are covered by Slable. We will consider all submissions for advertisements sent to